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Create, monitor and submit a CTF trading account using just one application.

CTAFX Trading Application Checking is a trading account that comes with built-in tools to help you manage and manage your personal CTAFX personal profiles, real, demo and competitive accounts. With its sleek and easy-to-use design, this new electric app will make you fall in love with tape already.

Creating an account is easy

Whenever you need to open an open order with a new benefit, you can sign up for Travel and create an account through a few taps.

Control the equity to control the business

Octa FX Trading Applications Deposit Control tells you how much money you need to support an existing order or catch the latest trend. Enjoy doing business with us without worrying about losing opportunities or losing your progress.

Our deposit history feature allows you to manually save typing numbers while adhering to the strategy and manually adjusting your deposit and preferential payment options.

Access your favorite trading platform

To monitor your trading accounts as well as your balance sheet, we’ve integrated integration with the trading platform so you can start trading without any effort. Select an account, select a trading application, and access it through the QTAFX Trading Application accounts.

Here are some of the best features of Octa FX Trading Application Account:

  • Manage your business accounts
  • Create merchant accounts, edit leverage, enable conversion options, edit passwords, and retrieve
  • View your total or account management history, apply custom filters and cancel your previous deposit
  • Start trading at the request of the appropriate trading platform
  • At the top of your demo account
  • View competition statistics and access your competition accounts
  • Turn bonuses on and off and view statistical bonuses

Win money in our competition:

We constantly compete for money and product prizes. We currently have two demo contests. To participate, you can start a simple demo account without any investment and try trading platforms and strategies with bogus funds. You don’t have to spend your money or provide your personal information, but you can win 500 – real money in the competition. In the app we have a special control panel for your competitors’ accounts, where you can manage your funds, control your current rankings and track around the clock.

And some effective trading tools:

The market means keeping your finger on the pulse
With the integration of Market Insights into our Acta FX Trading Accounts app, you can monitor daily highly inspiring sources, get trading ideas during the day, and make weekly predictions and weekly reviews in preparation for your next trading move. Can get Can monitor

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