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SMS Forwarder – Messages and Auto Toe Forwarding “Automatic SMS SMS Forwarder has additional features and additional features for sending and receiving SMS.

SMS Forward Bihar is a feature of SMS. We have the facility to use SMS back and forth in the SMS inbox box.

SMS forwarding application that supports sender ID as well as numbers. So if you want to send SMS to forwarder facility, now you have SMS from Bihar.

Spring inbox is a utility to make SMS inbox more productive. Spring SMS lets you control how your SMS is read, how the SMS is sent and how the SMS inbox box is listened to.

You can get a combination of the following features via Bihar SMS.

Schedule SMS: You can schedule any future time and date and save the message. Your message will be sent automatically at a specific time and date.

Forwarding both schedule and SMS: Now you can forward SMS as per your prescribed rules to forward the scheduled time.

Configurable swipe action: You have a total of 6 actions to choose from – swipe to call to action. Make it the way you want it. Right and left swipe action 06 can be configured with different options.

Notifications per contact << Set notifications per contact. You can set a warning tone for each contact’s SMS so you can easily differentiate between revenue SMS.

Fix the delay: The delay setting option allows you to make sure that what you wrote is true and if you need to edit the message, you will have time to remember it.

Branding – Signature: Add a signature to any website URL or email or signature of your choice. All your outgoing messages will be associated with your signature.

Clean User Interface: You will find a user interface that is easy to understand and easy to manage.

Install backup and restore: Back up all your important messages and restore them as needed.

How SMS Forwarder Works

You have set the rule and our application checks every incoming SMS, if it matches the rule then an SMS will be sent to the specified recipient / recipient.

For unlimited forwarding you need to purchase a one-time, short-term ‘Pro version’.

Rules based on mobile number / sender ID and multiple SIMs can be created with conditional message text to explain the rules in the mobile application. Once defined, the app works by following each set of rules to monitor every message in the background and forward it to the user. No internet band required, such as 2G / 3G / LTE / Wi-Fi etc.

OTP SMS, ial Facial SMS, Tax SMS, Flight SMS, VAT SMS, GST SMS, Bank SMS, Income Tax SMS, 2 Factor SMS, Unicode SMS, Long SMS, Hotel Booking SMS, Rail SMS, Auto SMS Use our applications. ,

SMS just relax and rule for instant / real time.

How inbox messages work

The app provides a very beautiful messaging experience that you can use. When you start using “SMS forwarder – messages and auto-forwarding”, your tendency to use SMS inbox will change.

The app has a very nice, acceptable and customized design

Full inbox box feature, or multiple color themes for specific conversations. Manual and automatic night modes are additional features for your use.

Use MMS to add to your friends’ conversations, photos, stickers or groups. Conversation search lets you make things easier than ever before.

Easily backup and restore your messages on your phone.

Conversations are easy to block and manage your blacklist or automatically filter spam in your inbox

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