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. W / War – Free Internet that makes your Internet more personal. WWP makes your Internet more personal and secure. No one can stop what you do on the internet. We’ve created so you can securely connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere.

A great way to connect Change the relationship between your phone and the Internet with your Word with a modern, customized, protocol.

Great privacy Your WARP makes your phone drop traffic more confidential and prevents it from jumping on you. We believe that privacy is a right. We will not sell your data.

Good protection Word protects your phone from security threats such as malware, phishing, crypto hacking and other security threats. Enable options for families from DNS settings in the application.

Easy to use

Touch setup to make your internet more secure and personal. Install today, get more private internet, it’s easy.

The only way to get WARP +

We check thousands of ways on the Internet to find out which one has the best performance. We ignore the perfect past Internet traffic jams using the same technology to get thousands of websites to get almost 100% faster (average) websites.

Someone uses DNS, a new DNS server provided by CloudFlyer and Epic. This is the fastest DNS ever. With access to the Internet, DNS always controls our speed and privacy.

What is DNS?
Almost everything on the Internet starts with DNS requests. DNS is a directory on the Internet. Click on a link, open the application, send the email and the directory works on your device first: Where can I find it?

Why is the default DNS bad?

Default DNS slow.

The default DNS is insecure.

Your ISP and everyone listening on the Internet will see every site you visit and every application you use – even if their content is not encrypted with the default LT DNS.

Internet DNS providers use your default data to sell data related to your Internet activity.

NS DNS providers use your default DNS to target ads.

Why use DNS and that application?

One Touch: connected to the server in one touch.

Temporary contact: Users can contact and return to the original DNS with one contact.

Internet Fast Internet Browsing: You have 4.8x browsing experience.

Privacy First: CloudFlyer will never log in to your IP address and will not sell your data. To see what they have to say, KPMG has ensured annual monitoring of its systems.

Unblocked Sites: All blocked sites are usually determined by DNS providers. By linking to, you can access all sites by default without any hassle.

In general, gain more freedom and speed by using the OneDNS application on your Android phone.
Purchase information for Word +

1 Free with WARP, but WARP + is a payment feature that can become payable at any time.
Subscribe on a monthly basis to receive unlimited WARP + data for the purchase period.
Your subscription will be renewed for the same package length until you cancel the Google Play Store settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
Any unused portion of the free trial period and / or WARP + data transfer credit will be forfeited if you made the purchase, if applicable.

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