Magic Call

Wizard Call Call – Never try to make call calls with this voice changer application

Change your voice in real time and have fun with friends.

Learn the magic call

Features of Magic Call Call application – Voice is a changer when calling

  1. Enjoy real time and voice changer on call. Use Family & Voice is changer, Kid & Voice is changer, Cartoon & Voice is changer etc.
  2. Switch between sounds during a call
  3. Earn free credit for first time registration
    . Check your voice before calling
  4. The best way to make an interesting call
    . Play sound stimuli such as kisses, claps, etc. during calls

Official partnership with Balz Motion Painter for new films! Dream girl
The new word is now available in the app

  • Dreamgirl’s voice (change voice like Dreamgirl)

Enjoy the next level with background sound on a magical call. Use rain sound, happy birthday, traffic noise and music concert background when talking to friends on call

Speak in different voices

There are many types of voices in the Magic Call app such as female voice changer, cartoon and voice is changer, male voice changer etc. You can use this application:

  1. Change the voice of women
  2. Change the voice to male
    a. Talk like a cartoon
    4 Select the Normal sound option for a normal call

Call the Voice Changer Girl, call the Voice Changer using the Voice Changer app.

Do you want to know the name and location of Indian mobile number? Then you are in the right place to get the full details of the contact owner.

You can select any option and change the word according to the effect. If you want to see the tap tap created in My Creation and you will find all your voices or voices there.

This app is very easy to use You can use this app just by tapping on the recorded audio dio and as soon as you finish this audio dio tap on the option given in the sound section and add your voice with the following effect let’s change. .


  • Who called whom, actual call area, name, carrier and more
  • Show Showcase shows you the name of the showrunner
    Save options to save these changes to voice and voice in your phone.
  • Voice is recorded history
  • Record and share modified voice with friends
  • Phone number search, mobile number search

Please select a word. Such as men, women and cartoons etc.
Select background. For example – happy birthday, traffic, rain background, music festival.
Select Select contact or dial number
Start your magic call
After connecting this call, the voice changer will convert your voice to the selected one. And after that, you can enjoy listening to your friend’s resistance and reaction.

Win with context and magical call

  • Create unique links and share them with friends
  • Whenever your friend downloads the app, you get a scratch card
  • Win amazing cash prizes with scratch cards
  • You can redeem or buy Magical All Credits

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