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By | August 28, 2020

Completely free, Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is a powerful, convenient and free-to-use tool designed to monitor Wi-Fi status and protect your Internet mobility. It can scan all the devices connected to your personal Wi-Fi hotspot and speed up the network connection by closing the application running in the background.


Wi-Fi security check
Check that the connected WiFi network is secure. Protect your privacy and your property.

Encourage Wi-Fi speed
Identify and block your apps that secretly use Wi-Fi or cellular data in the background, promote your phone, make sure your Wi-Fi is always in motion.

Wi-Fi monitor
Scan all devices connected to your personal Wi-Fi hotspot, including Android phones, iPhones / iPads, and PCs. Show details of all connected devices so you can see if your Wi-Fi usage is slow.

The Amplify app is supported by Amplify Wi-Fi products such as:

Increase HD
MP. Amplifier Instant
Enhance HD gamer version
Widen strangers

The Amplify app allows you to configure and manage your Amplify Wi-Fi products. With simple configuration and configuration, your network will run smoothly and easily. Easily view connected devices and their details, monitor ISP and system functionality, configure guest access, and upgrade your device’s firmware.

System – Quick overview of connected devices, upload / download activity, and access to device settings.

Performance Info – View live input data and run ISP performance tests.

Guest – Access – Easily set up a guest network for your home visitors or configure your own amplifier router for use with Amplify Teleport VPN so friends and family can access your amplifier router remotely over the Internet. Allow connection.

Device Details – View client details including MAC ID, IP address and preferences settings. The Internet can be blocked on individual or all devices.

Diagnostics – Run a quick test to determine your internet connection.

Remote Access Access – You can enable remote enable access to your amplifier router so you can use your amplifier application to view / edit settings on the Internet.
Super Boost
Some apps launch themselves in the background without permission. The Super Boost feature may prevent a restart using the ible accessible feature, so these apps will shut down completely and will not restart automatically.


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